Three Ballmer Buys That Were Crazier Than the Los Angeles Clippers
By the standards of tech valuations, especially during his tenure at Microsoft, the Clippers price is downright frugal. Here, from the Bloomberg archives, are three Ballmer buys—and one mad offer—at Microsoft that were arguably more insane than the $2 billion price for the Clippers. 1) Telewest Communications: In 2000, just a few months into Ballmer’s time at the helm, Microsoft bought a 22 percent stake in British cable TV provider 

Edward Snowden Leaks Onto The Cover Of Wired, Reveals Autonomous NSA Weapon
Nation Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden is sweeping the September cover of Wired, which published an exclusive interview and photo shoot with “the most wanted man in the world” and revealed an NSA weapon capable of setting off a global cyber-arms race. RELATED: Snowden Poses For Mag Cover With Same American Flag Pamela Anderson Flashed With During the interview Snowden explained a previously unrevealed NSA cyber weapon called “MonsterMind,” which has the capability to detect incoming cyber attacks and retaliate automatically without any human supervision.