The Defense Department’s data strategy: Huge, massive and distributed


Ely Kahn has spent more than a decade working in the national security world, including stints at the Transportation Safety Administration, Department of Homeland Security and the Executive Office of the President, where he was director of cybersecurity. In 2012, he joined up with a team of former National Security Agency engineers to create Sqrrl, a database company based on open-source Accumulo technology they created within the spy agency. Kahn came on the Structure Show podcast this week to talk about what the technology is really capable of, who’s using it and what’s in store when it comes to national security and technology.

Here are some highlights of an insightful interview that covers everything from the importance of baking security into Hadoop-based technologies (like Accumulo) to impending attacks on critical infrastructure. However, anyone interested in the whole story of how Accumulo works and how advanced analytic techniques can improve…

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